…..what a feeeeeliiing….

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I woke up feeling really creative today so my horse is getting a makeover…

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A mix of nature to create beautiful afrocentric street art

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okay josh

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80s Atari commercial

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Alexander McQueen
Fall 2010

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His owner told me that according to a Native American myth, dogs with different colored eyes can see both heaven and earth.


Here is some lovely illumination from a Book of Prayers (or possibly a Psalter) from 1180. It is from a single vellum leaf, done in France. [xMMs.Pr2] #uiowa #specialcollections #libraries #medievalmanuscripts #manuscripts #rarebooks #illumination #vellum #bookofprayers #psalter #12thcentury


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I’ve just made a fresh new batch of minimalist wallets… so pretty and soft, they’re not called PEACH for no reason!

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The historical records of the Des Moines County Red Cross chapter list a bewildering array of hand-knitted items (“Ditty bags”? “Hospital housewives”?) sent to soldiers during World War II. But as indicated by this thank-you note for "bed-pockets" (a kind of pants substitute?), the mysterious objects were much appreciated.

Iowa Digital Library: Historical records of activities in World War II by the Des Moines County chapter of the American Red Cross, Burlington, Iowa, 1940s

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